3 Questions…

Have you asked each of your project team members these 3 questions?

  1. What is your understanding of the project objectives?
  2. What role do you play in delivering project results?
  3. Is there anything in your way of accomplishing the results and what can I do to help?

If not, why?

Even if you think there is no room for misinterpretation of your project plans, instructions, timelines, risk evaluation, etc; are you willing to bet your project on it? Or is it worth just a bit more time, not just at the beginning of the project, but regular intervals to ensure it?

Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised with everyone on the same page. Sometimes the opposite is true. But it is much easier to reset the bar before 100 hour is down the tube and re-work is needed. I prefer to spend the bit of extra time…and you?

I really detest RED status items in my project report outs, period.


One comment on “3 Questions…

  1. Spot on Denise!

    Before starting a large change management project last year (implementing a new operational business model) I asked the 10 member project team similar questions to help understand where each person was at.

    The questions I asked were:

    1. What do you see the Implementation of the New Business Model is about?
    2. How do you see your role in this?
    3. Have you started/completed any of the tasks as per the project timeline?
    4. What is your primary focus – the most important part of the project for you?

    This really helped me to establish who had a clear understanding of what we were trying to achieve and also helped me better manage the aspects that may have been important to some members but perhaps not all.

    Keep posting these good posts 🙂

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