Are you in the Zone?

Are you in the zone, groove or flow? You know that spot where things just snap into place, time becomes irrelevant, you become one with what you are doing? What….you think work can’t be like that? Then you are wrong.

If the goals are crystal clear, a bit of stretch from current abilities, that with focus provides satisfaction, then you can get there. Too much stretch or too little causes impedance and block the flow preventing the ability to get into the groove/zone. A slot car that comes out of its slot may continue down the track, but at a much slower rate and out of control. It also then may cause damage, and may impede other cars. Translating this to your project, they may cause derailment. For the business, this can obviously be a source of added cost.

Research like that of Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi as provided in one of his books, Beyond Boredom and Anxiety: Experiencing Flow in Work and Play; worker satisfaction and organizational health are high when work is a no-flow zone.  Workplaces where there is no grove/flow have a high level of employee disengagement and dissatisfaction.

Your projects will be smoother if you get them in the grove.

Are you giving your team what they need to be in the zone?