PMP Certification…

I have seen a lot of discussion lately on whether or not PMP verification from PMI is worthwhile. Well, that depends. For full disclosure–no I do not have PMP certification..yet.  Yes I plan to. Not that I think it will give me any new or unique skill(s);I have been managing projects for over 20 years. I do have four Project Manager Certifications from other sources –but PMI certification makes some companies feel better.

It seems to many (I have yet to decide) that it proves you can spend money to get a membership, study materials and take a test on one certain way to manage projects. All companies have a certain way they want  projects managed –until the next new (or recycled) way comes around. Curious to hear what other may have to say–opinions on all sides welcome.

Do you think PMI PMP certification is worth it? Why or why not–or why maybe? Just curious.