The Law of Harvest

I believe in the Law of Harvest, as the Bible says to Reap what you Sow (Galatians 6:7-10) or as Stephen Covey expands it to “All lasting results are produced in sequence, governed by principles and grown from the inside out.” I would tell you which book, but my note card is so worn I can’t read it, and there are many flags in all his books, so it would take a long time to find. I am guessing either the 8th Habit or The Speed of Trust.

Those who know me well know I keep note cards with “stuff” on them. And that I keep blank ones in case I need more with “stuff” on them. I put quotes on my white board, on my cube walls, with magnetic poetry, a word doc I keep on my desk top. Why?

It’s not because I have a bad memory. It is a reminder not to forget the little basic stuff. When we get busy it is easy to do. One of them is titled: “Weasel Words.” We all tend to use them when we are not intentional with our thoughts and writings.  Again, the card (and it is not the first re-written one) is worn enough I am not sure where they came from. The words are:  rather, seemingly, somewhat, kind of, mostly, very, it would seem, in some respects, for the most part, for all intents and purposes, and pretty (as in pretty well). I try to read consciously to avoid these imprecise words and expressions. It takes practice and repetition. And then more practice.

When I hear an intelligent question asked by someone else, I write it down and add it to my toolbox. I continually try to learn new things, but also to reinforce the old. We learn new stuff, by being exposed to it. Sometimes by taking a class, sometimes by reading a book, and sometimes just by having conversations.

We reinforce the basics by using, practicing and teaching. When you give you get back. You reap what you’ve sown.  So give often, without condition and you will not be sorry, and your teams and projects and life, will run much smoother.

And speaking of basic stuff, I also have quite the collection of thank you and just because cards, and give them out regularly, with hand written thanks or appreciation, encouragement; whatever the reason. Everyone likes something handwritten and personal sometimes.